Summer in Małopolska – the best time for trips, the best places to discover!

The viewing platform at Wola Krogulecka with the gazebo next to it
Who among us has not been waiting for such a moment? Sunshine pleasantly tingling the skin, watermelon juice dripping down the elbows, fresh broad beans shelled from the still-hot peel, warm long evenings, stargazing, picnics with the most beautiful sunsets, and collecting the best memories. How about adding a handful from the Małopolska region to your bundle of most fabulous experiences? As it happens, we have some excellent suggestions for capturing the Małopolska summer. The most enchanting season of the year is already upon us, so let's not waste a moment! Start your Małopolska summer adventure with water, scenic views, music, and singing!

Małopolska by the water – something acquatic for everyone!

From enchanting lakes to wild rivers and relaxing thermal baths Anyone who likes to be around the water  will be surprised at how many places the south of Poland offers in this respect! Lake Rożnowskie, located in the valley of the Dunajec River,  is one of the most popular recreational spots in the Małopolska region. Created as a result of the construction of the Rożnów dam, it is an ideal choice for lovers of water sports such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, and  fishing. There are numerous resorts and beaches around the lake, attracting lots of water lovers.

Some others  are Lake Czorsztyńskie with an absolutely amazing panorama of the Tatra Mountains (we will soon tell you why you should take your bike there!), Lake Mucharskie located at the foot of the Beskid Mały, and the somewhat mysterious, but extremely charming Lake Klimkówka in the Beskid Niski.

In addition, you can raft on the rushing waters of the Dunajec River and on the Poprad, s well as kayak peacefully down the Vistula or try a traditional trip on rafting boats in the Pieniny Mountains. And finally, nothing will do you better than relaxing in the thermal waters in the Podhale and Gorce regions. There are many possibilities, so choose to your heart's content!

The lookout towers in Małopolska – for lovers of panoramic views

Do you love mountain panoramas and hiking into the unknown? Then why not  climb the lookout towers of Małopolska in the summer? These are a dozen or so ideas for excursions that will take you along routes so picturesque that words don’t do it justice – it’s something you have tot experience for yourself!

Take a trip to the Gorce Mountains, where the peaks of Mt Lubań and Mt Gorc have wooden lookout towers with breathtaking views! Climb Mt Koziarz in the Beskid Sądecki and on The Snail in Wola Krogulecka. Climb the lookout tower on Szpilówka, with itsabsolutely magical view of the Beskid Niski, Sądecki, Wyspowy, Gorce and the Beskid Żywiecki with Mt Babia.

Arethe lookout towers in Małopolska ideal for admiring the sunset? Yes, it’s true, everybody says so, but why not check it out for yourself?

Małopolska has the most interesting cultural events!

Summer in Małopolska is not only about sightseeing, it is also about experiencing. The amazing festivals and events that will be taking place in the Małopolska region this summer will give you an insight into the region from the tastiest, most local and most colourful side.

The Jewish Culture Festival, the Beskid Culture Week, the International Festival of Highland Folklore in Zakopane, Days of Kraków 2024, and the Zagórz Folklore and Tradition Festival await you. On our portal VisitMalopolska you will find a calendar that we regularly update to keep you informed about upcoming events. We strongly encourage you to keep your finger on the pulse, find what interests you the most, and spend the summer with us!


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