Małopolska lets you find your other half – on the border of the sky!

Słotwiny Arena Krynica Zdrój observation tower
If you meet your other half on the top of Modyń Mountain in the Island Beskids, you will be together for the rest of your life! At least that is what may happen if you believe one of the many local legends surrounding this place. Others who have already found the loves of their lives can also find many reasons to climb this mountain – another legend has it that this is where the local bandits hid the gold that they had looted… and it which remains undiscovered to this day.

Of course, if the legends do not strike your fancy, you can climb Modyń for some amazing views. Climbing the mountain alone will not cut it – at the top, you will find a 27-metre-tall observation tower, which was added to the list of tourist attractions of the Island Beskids in July 2021!. Is it worth it? Of course it is! The tower offers a breathtaking view of the Beskids, Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains.

Tower. Małopolska! #challenge

If you like to set yourself goals and achieve them one by one, all while having fun, you need to accept our challenge – but be warned, it isn’t going to be easy! You can find the towers like the one on Modyń scattered all across Małopolska. Get to climbing mountains – on their tops, you will find observation towers. What’s your reward? Whatever views you will see after climbing these wooden structures. 
You can find observation towers that you can hike to in the Beskid Sądecki – on Eliaszówka (1023 metres above sea level) and Koziarz (943 metres above sea level) as well as in Gorce: on Lubań (1211 metres above sea level), Gorc (1228 metres above sea level) and Magurki (1108 metres above sea level). You can also visit the Wiśnicz Upland to find Szpilówka (516 metres above sea level). When you reach the observation tower on the top of Gorc and you fancy a longer hike to see another important place, connected to a well-known legend, take the green trail westward to the Jaworzyna Kamienicka glade. There, you will find the famous Bulanda Chapel, which is not only the oldest sacred monument in the Gorce… Legend has it that the chapel was founded in the early 20th century by Tomasz Chlipała, also known as Bulanda – a shepherd from Szczawa, a well-known local healer and soothsayer. He was very religious, but the locals suspected he had ties to the devil. Legend has it that he buried great treasures under the chapel, and that the glade hides a secret entrance to the largest cave in Gorce – a former hideout used by local robbers. 

Vistas without effort

If the Tower. Małopolska challenge is not for you – don’t fret! We have some good news for you. There are observation towers in Małopolska, which let you see some amazing landscapes without much effort. You can start on a high note with the most spectacular tower that is fairly easy to climb, even though it is the tallest structure of its kind in Poland, standing at a height of 49.5 metres – the observation tower and the treetop path in Krynica-Zdrój. If you want spectacular views and some adrenaline, make sure to climb the tower and walk this path. Another interesting attraction is the observation platform in Wola Krogulecka in Beskid Sądecki. It offers a view of the Radziejowa Range, the Nowy Sącz Basin, the Gorce and the Island Beskids. You should also visit Jaworz near Limanowa, overlooking Lake Rożnowskie, Nowy Sacz, Beskid Sądecki and Low Beskid as well as Pieniny  and the Tatra Mountains.

It is worth adding that the construction of observation towers made many of these places interesting attractions, since back in the day it was nigh impossible to see anything from the forest-covered mountain peaks. Today, you can climb the towers that stretch high over the treetops to see all the beautiful vistas Małopolska has to offer.



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