The delicacies of Maja and Bartosz

Kobieta i mężczyzna w jasnych koszulach i słomkowych kapeluszach rozkoszują się winem, w tle winnica.
Whoever loves to explore regional flavours must check the suggestions of Maja and Bartosz (creators of Radio Kulinarne). They will show you places worth to be, but also tell you what delicacies can you find in the Małopolska region. They will tell you how famous regional specialities are made. See it by yourself!

To begin with, we will visit a wonderful place “at the end of the world” – the ”BANICA” GUESTHOUSE in Low Beskids. The picturesque landscape of Low Beskids and extraordinary atmosphere will allow everyone to recharge their batteries. This is where a delicious goat cheese is made. How is it being made? Check it out!

Interested in wine harvest and wine tasting? We have plenty of vineyards to visit! It is therefore no wonder that the culinary paths of Maja and Bartosz quickly led them to enter the kingdom of grapevine. This time we will visit the Chodorowa Vineyard to discover the secrets of the Małopolska region wine production and open up a two-year bottle of rosé Rondo. How did it taste? Check it out by yourself!  


Want to know the golden treasures of the Małopolska region’s forests? Maja and Bartosz return from a forest trip with their baskets full of saffron milk caps. There is a lot of work with them, but the results are worth every effort. In the 3 episode of our reportage you will be shown some cleaning, squeezing, roasting and provided with a solid dose of knowledge about the Małopolska regional cuisine. Fancy a recipe for a delicious tart with saffron milk caps? Feel free to check it out! 




Those of you who search for regional flavours may be interested in the Małopolska Gourmets Route and for the enotourists, we have more than 100 vineyards, 40 of which are listed on the Małopolska Wine Route

However, the Małopolska region attracts not only with the wealth of tastes and extraordinary cuisine. If you’re travelling with your family, do check the favourite places of the Mazurek family. For lovers of bicycle trips (with different levels of difficulty), Ania Szafraniec has prepared something special. Whoever is looking for amazing landscapes and places with soul is invited to explore the Małopolska region together with guide Ania, while Jasiek (a guide from Tatras) will guide you through hidden trails and will tell you what the meeting with nature can bring.

The regional tourist portal  provides additional inspiration for travelling in the Małopolska region. It offers, among others, packages of eco-trips, attractions for children, informations about bicycle trails and routes, the regional winter offer and much more.  


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