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Mobile application VisitMałopolska

Mobile application VisitMałopolska

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A smartphone is a device that accompanies us every day. It has not been used only to make phone calls and write text messages for a long time. Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are full of applications that make life easier at almost every step, even in tourism. The rapid development of technology has meant that few people now take traditional paper maps and guidebooks with them on their travels. Their place has been taken, to a large extent, by mobile applications.

Driven by the spirit of the times and meeting the expectations of many travellers, the Małopolskie Voivodeship has developed the VisitMałopolska application, which is a practical tool for the modern tourist. Not only does the application navigate, but it also facilitates the planning of both short trips and more extended stays. It offers access to a rich database of information about the most exciting places in various corners of Małopolska, such as attractions, routes and tourist trails.

The application provides:

  • NEWS - the latest information about what is happening in the region.
  • EVENTS - information about events - from exhibitions and concerts to scientific meetings - that are to take place in the near future.
  • SITES - a list of tourist attractions and interesting places worth visiting. These places can be filtered using selected parameters.
  • FAVOURITES - places of particular interest to us and to which we want to return soon.
  • MAP of the region with several types of backgrounds and the possibility to search for places.
  • TRAVEL PLANNER - a tool for creating one’s own sightseeing plan of the region, selecting the most interesting points.
  • TOURIST ROUTES - suggested routes that offer unforgettable experiences.
  • THEMATIC MODULES - articles and descriptions of places related to selected topics, e.g. mountains, cycling.
  • SPEAKERS - quick access to basic phrases needed during the trip and their translations in 8 languages.
  • POCKET - to send greetings to friends and family with a selected picture from Małopolska.
  • TERRACE GAMES - to explore and have fun while winning prizes.
  • ALARM NUMBERS - quick access to emergency phone numbers, e.g. in case of an accident.
  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT - suggests where to go based on one’s preferences.

In order to install the free application on a device, all you have to do is use the freely available Google, Windows or Play Internet shops. Enter "VisitMalopolska" in the search engine and choose "INSTALL". After a while, we can enjoy a convenient panel to always be up to date with what Małopolska is living.

The application has the function of sending PUSH notifications, which makes it possible to download the latest information on the Małopolska tourist offer at any time and in any place. Thanks to the installation of 1,000 beacons in more than 180 facilities throughout the Voivodeship, visiting them will be even more attractive. A beacon is a device that sends a signal received by a mobile application which displays the content associated with the device. After installing the application on the phone and activating Bluetooth while being in a beacon-equipped facility, one will receive notifications with information about the facility or a selected exhibit. We can read its description, see a photo or watch a video. An information plate at the entrance will notify you about the presence of beacons in a given location.

VisitMalopolska is a modern and free tourist application dedicated to inhabitants and tourists, which will help to plan a trip easily and intuitively. Thanks to it, everyone can access the latest tourist information from Małopolska!